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About Louis A. Morris, PhD

>> Social Psychologist
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Validating Measures
  • Substantiation of Claims
>> 23 Years at FDA
  • Acting Director of DDMAC
  • Patient Information & Education Expert
  • Specializing in PPIs, DTCA, MG, OTC Label Format, Comprehension Testing, Outcomes and Behavioral Compliance
>> Marketing Professor
  • Specializing in Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Legal & Regulatory Issues
>> Author
  • Over 100 publications
  • Book: Communicating Therapeutic Risks
Louis A. Morris
Started Louis A. Morris & Associates, Inc. in 2001

-Consultant & Research Services
-Appointed to FDA's DSaRM Advisory Commitee

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Louis A. Morris & Associates, Inc., 8 Norman Ct, Dix Hills, NY 11746
email: lmorris@optonline.net, phone: (631) 385-1172